A village appellation typical of the Côte de Nuits, this wine offers a true balance between power and fruit.


Location :The parcels are spread over five specific named vineyard areas.
Surface area :1 hectare
Age of vines :Planted from 1947 to the present day
Allowed yield :50 HL/Ha


Production :6400 bottles /year
Characteristics :Colour : intense ruby red
Nose : small red fruits together with floral notes
Palate : Balanced, full and with great persistency
Keeping :Maturity from 3 years
Ageing potential: 5 to 10 years depending on vintage


In ther XIIth century, Morey appeared on the map for the first time under the name of « Villa Muriaca ». The origin of the name, which reflects the Gallo-Roman past of the village, has not been determined. What is known with certitude is that Morey was intimately linked to the House of Vergy, under whose lordship it was.

Regarding the suffix « Saint-Denis », this was borrowed from the grand cru « Clos-Saint-Denis », chosen among the five grand crus in the village area. In this way, Morey became Morey-Saint-Denis in 1927.


Vines face the morning sun east, south-east, at 250m elevation. They lie on limestone soils with rocks, marls, red silt and gravel. Our parcels are in several named locations:

« Bas Cheneverys »
« Clos Solon »
« Très Girard »
« En Seuvrey »
« les Porroux »

Our « Clos Solon » is on deep soil with more marl, bringing fruit and finesse. The « Bas Cheneverys » on a soil rich in small pebbles give structure and strength.

Growing, vinification, ageing

In the largest parcel in surface area, the Clos Solon, Léon has put in place vegetative ground cover which allows coolness and humidity to be maintained during heatwaves. In the Porroux, tests with natural spreadings (cattle, sheep manures…) are in progress.

Vinification is adapted to the vintage so as to create the best wines and preserve the typicity of terroir. Ageing in oak barrels lasts 16 to 18 months.


Its magnificent ruby red colour is of great limpidity. The nose is typical of Côte de Nuits with aromas of small red fruits (cherries, raspberries) mingled with subtle notes of violet.

The balance of roundness/acidity/tannins is perfect. It is an elegant and generous wine with remarkable retro-olfactory fruit. Of good length, this wine is very full on the finish.

Morey-Saint-Denis, served at a temperature of 16°C, goes very well with red meats and mature cheeses.