With good fruit, it softens its tannins and is full and generous on the palate.


Location:In the southern part of the communal village area
Surface area:0.1883 hectare
Age of vines:Planted from 1980 to the present day
Allowed yield:62 HL/Ha


Production:1500 bottles /year
Characteristics:Colour: a lovely bright red, between cherry and ruby
Nose: a bouquet of small berry fruits
Palate: a generous wine, maintaining great vivacity and silky tannins
Keeping:To be drunk in its first couple of years.


Burgundy numbers seven regional appellations, including simple “Bourgogne”.

Our Bourgogne, produced around the village of Morey-Saint-Denis is, since 2017, a Bourgogne wine identified under the geographical denomination of Bourgogne Côte d’Or.


In the specific place named “En Poisot”, our parcel is on slightly limestone, medium deep soils. Vines face north-north-east, at an elevation of 230m.

Growing, vinification, ageing

From growing through to vinification, each winemaking process is balanced as a function of the vintage to create the best wines and preserve the typicity of terroir. Ageing is in oak barrels for twelve months.


A nose of small red and black berry fruits (redcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant) with very nice texture on the palate. A well-balanced wine, silky and generous.

Our Bourgogne, served at a temperature of 16°C, goes very well with red meats and mature cheeses.