Powerful and thoroughbred, this wine is true to its origins.


Location :The parcels are located at the limit of Gevrey and Morey-Saint-Denis.
Surface area :0.36 hectare
Age of vines :Planted from 1955 to 1989
Allowed yield :50 HL/Ha


Production :2000 bottles /year
Characteristics :Colour : a lively red with hints of ruby.
Nose : typical of Côte de Nuits, with small red fruits, blackcurrant berries and cherry stones.
Palate : ample and rich, perfectly structured over a fine, tight tannic thread.
Keeping :Maturity from 3 years
Ageing potential: 5 to 10 years depending on the vintage


The name Gevrey, having appeared in 1219, might come from its geographical situation at the entrance to the valley or coombe of Lavaut. In Latin, « Gaba » means « gorge » or « gave » which designates a torrent rushing down a gorge.

It was completed by adding the term Chambertin, adopted from one of the grand crus of the village in 1847.


The vines face east, south-east, at 250m elevation. This Gevrey-Chambertin lies on clay-limestone soils including clayey marls. Our parcels are located at the place named « Les Seuvrées ».

Growing, vinification, ageing

Experiments with grassing-over are in progress in our parcels of Gevrey-Chambertin. From growing through to vinification, each process is balanced as a function of the vintage to create the best wines and preserve the typicity of terroir. Ageing is in oak barrels for 16 to 18 months.


A right balance of roundness, acidity and tannins. This is a generous wine of good body and its retro-olfactory fruit is exemplary. Of good length, this wine is pleasant on the finish.

Our Gevrey-Chambertin, served at a temperature of 16°C to 18°C, perfectly accompanies fattened hen, red meats and meat dishes in sauce, as well as characterful cheeses.