Coteaux Bourguignons

A fruitful and generous marriage between Gamay and Pinot Noir.


Location :The parcels of vines are in two specific places
Surface area :0.3742 hectare
Age of vines :Planted from 1950 to the present day
Allowed yield :65 HL/Ha


Production :3000 bottles /year
Characteristics :Colour : garnet red
Nose : predominately red fruits with some slightly spicy notes.
Palate : a lovely balance between acidity and tannins. A wine fresh, generous and easy to drink.
Keeping :To be drunk young


Gamay arrived in Burgundy during the second half of the XIVth century. Philippe le Hardi feared at that time that the bigger yields of this grape variety might affect the quality of Burgundy wines and banned it. Today, Gamay has recovered its place in Burgundian viticulture.

Our grandfather Pierre planted some Gamay at the bottom of the village in 1956. Jean-Louis and Léon choose to assemble it with Pinot Noir in their Coteau Bourguignon. This wine, previously reserved for friends, is from now on available for sale at the domain.


The vines face east, lying on clay soils with little limestone. This level of AOP is located in the low-inclined sectors, over the whole lower part of the vineyard slope. Our parcels are located in specific named places:

 « Aux Aires » planted in Pinot Noir et « Aux Poirelots » planted in Gamay.

Growing, vinification, ageing

In the parcel of Aires, Léon experiments in agroforestry and vegetative ground cover, so as to re-introduce biodiversity and to keep soils cool and moist during the more and more frequent periods of very hot weather. Each winemaking process is balanced and adapted to the specific vintage to create the best wines and preserve the typicity of terroir. Ageing is in oak barrels over twelve months.


This Coteau Bourguignon is from a Gamay-Pinot Noir mix of almost equal proportions, which allows the main characteristics of each variety to be maintained: the freshness of Gamay and the elegance of Pinot Noir.

Coteaux Bourguignons, served at a temperature of 16°C, go equally well as an aperitif as with grilled meats.